Airband has two major products:

  • Airband Internet
  • Airband Office to Office

Airband Internet is a direct connection to the Internet and is billed on a per GB used basis. The speed is rate limted to up to 2 mbps. Most customers enjoy around 1.5 mbps upload and download speed. Airband is not asynchronous. Airband links to MWEB who are their Internet supplier.


Flagship Products

Up to 8Mbps upload and download

Airband offer a contended connection giving you put to 8Mbps upload and download speed. The Airband link connects directly into MWEB dedicated access. The internet pool is closely monitored to ensure that business users are minimally impacted by the other users. It is the best speed for price option available.

High Availability

The high availability product is a combination of ADSL and Airband that provides dynamic fail over between wireless and ADSL. You are provided with a static IP address and that remains available to the internet if either one or the other connections are down. It is a robust internet connection that keeps your business up and running.


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