Wire and wireless

The days of IT managers waiting helplessly for Telkom to fix their communication problems are over. No IT manager can blame anyone else but themselves now for complete loss of communications. No communication network can offer 100% up time. Every network will experience an outage. Almost all businesses now see data and voice communication as critical to be functioning.

The IT manager can not rely just on an wired connection (ADSL or diginet lines to an ISP).

The IT manager can not rely just on a wireless connection.

Airband provide and recommend an ADSL and wireless combines solution that allows for fail over between one and the other. The fail over solution covers the following areas of increasing complexity:

  • Browsing fail over
  • Browsing and VPN fail over
  • Browsing, VPN and MX records fail over
  • Browsing, VPN, MX records and load balancing

ADSL was designed as a residential product. It has thrived in South Africa as a small business product because the bandwidth starved economy really had no other option. It is not a business solution and can not provide the uptime or speed performance business needs. The Airband / ADSL combination provides a very robust business solution with the right speed performance. The probability equation states if ADSL and Airband have a 99% uptime (Airbands uptime is much higher), then combined the uptime will be 99.99%. With 99.99% uptime and the right speed Airband can enable companies to consider hosted services for the first time in South Africa.

Video Surveillance

One of the greatest challenges facing South Africa’s crime. Video surveillance has reduced crime dramatically where deployed in the UK. The reason why this solution has not taken off in South Africa is due expense of bandwidth. Airband changes this. Airband is not asynchronous like ADSL. The speed up is the same as the speed down and that speed is much faster than ADSL. Airband have two surveillance solutions:

  • Continual remote monitoring (used by Retail and security companies)
  • Incident related monitoring (used by Security companies)

Customers have been delighted by the clarity of image provided by Airband and no buffering. This has enable tilt, pan and zoom cameras to be connected across the Airband network.

Tailor made networks

At Airband we see ourselves as bandwidth architects. Sometimes our mesh network is not the best solution for our customers. This is typically if two offices have line of sight directly between them or the bandwidth requirements are such that it is more cost effective for the customer to own their network. Airband deploy, project manage and maintain such networks. Bandwidth requirements increase dramatically if video surveillance or TV over IP is required.

Airband custom built networks have been adopted by a number of large corporates and gated communities.

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